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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day

Mothers Day has to be the most interesting day of the year.  We have children, we raise children, and they look to us for food. Except on Mothers Day when we become important enough to get the paper cup with a flower planted in it.
Then years pass and they start moving out on their own ad the cup with the flower turns into long distance phone calls and chatting about stuff. 
I wouldn't trade any of that for any amount of money.
The most interesting thing is that each one who called, asked about my "massage stuff". Thats what they call it. They want to know if I can fix their ailments or their diet issues or their lives in any way.  I am always so happy they ask. I have gone from food provider to health care provider.  That is the second noblest title that a woman can hold.  
A small gift from an amazing family. Thank you

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